EU servers que time is toooo long

Why duplicate threads? Because

  • no one bothers to find anything
  • there are no moderators here who will clean the boards from duplicates
  • even if moderated, it’s not smart to start cleaning anything right now
  • the existing are going out of scope very quickly
  • everything is out of control atm


Again… one day later, came from work to deal with 10k+ queue.

@Roxx can you address this without saying “the team is working on it?” any moderator? anyone?

Well, they released new region, Europe West today. But as we expected, only minority of people will transfer there when full character transfer feature is missing. Who would want to throw away week of progress, twitch drops, character name and part of founders pack (as they are giving only part of it back after transfer). We ended up with overcrowded Europe Central and empty Europe West. No surprise.


Yup, the community has been warning them for ages, that no-one really wants to jump ship/change server without their FULL founders, twitch drops etc…