EU servers?!?really?

Just logged now,( to have some fun before going to work) but there are Eu server maintenance.
Anyone know why , or what ever information they have?

tried to look for any info … but nothing


Same here. I don’t know what’s going on (again). So, to sum up: afternoon/evening, we can’t connect because the servers are crowded, and morning we can’t connect because the servers are unavailable. BEST. GAME. EXPERIENCE. EVER.


Same situation, with luck, they will open the new region maybe? I don’t know. But we are back without information, again.

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why the heck they do not post anything . it is 9 pm o’'clock PST and they lack of giving info.
This is getting really serious… pathetic and stiupid.


Same issue, can’t log in, can’t even see server list

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i dont think that they add the new server, think this comes next 1-2 weeks, if they get it now , than the get a price…

they did post… allthough admittedly, the date is wrong :smiley:


People complained about maintenance time since it was during the day and now people complain about them doing it 6 in the morning lmao. Also they announce every maintenance beforehand on twitter and ingame.

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People asked to stop the maintenance at 08:00 - 09:00 AM

The today’s maintenance was at 06:00 AM

You welcome.


I work. arrive at 19:00 to home. Do you think I can play at that time with the queues there? Yesterday I couldn’t even get into the server…

here where I live it is 7:30… So make your maths again
also give a look on @Sethanor post…
@TrevzorFTW post it 1hr ago…
So of course I will complain .
That was not emergency to shut servers down just a bad planing and bad US time zone communication .

30min before maintenance is not that generous
also; now maintenance is 7:00-9:00 on eastern side

Tired, impossible to play in the evening because of the error 10027 and impossible in the morning before leaving for work because the servers are under maintenance.
Why do maintenance for 2 or 3 hours if it doesn’t fix anything? Leaving the servers as they are is surely the best solution given your inability to do better?

People complaining that no body told us! Use your brain and read first. No problem to have maintenance but let us know! They can attach main info on top of forum, just to keep us in course. But amazon do not care. And that the problem. That attitude, not the problems whit game! Today i first time since launch seen that amazon answered some questions on forum. Just today! So attitude is the problem.

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DO not look only your timezone
East it is +2 UTC
Central it is +1 UTC
Try to get out from the BOX you are living and stop thinking selfish…

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Maintenance 2AM to 5AM would be ideal for EU, but if that is not possible at this point for a 2h downtime 10AM+ would honestly be better than in the morning, to give both working and non-working players access to the servers.

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given the almost entire crash of the infrastructure yesterday and the corresponding emergency restarts i would recon that leaving servers as they are would end in an even worse outcome…

not a fan of the whole situation overall either

“maths” for alot of eu countries it was 6am when they shut down server. Point still stands though 6am or 7am both good times to do a maintenance also they did announce it with US AND EU times.

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Maybe midway on work you could start the queue with remote access just saying. Pretty sure if I get to play without problems you can too. That’s how I always get to play after work within the first 30min.

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I don´t get why People are complaining so much…
Big Games bring Big Problems, and the People who are working to fix that for u Guys
are just People like You and Me so let them do their Job and stop crying.
If Anyone thinks he can do a better Job pls prove it and then we can discuss…
Grow up guys… at the end of the Day its just a game :slight_smile:

Much Love