EU Thaemine - Last Matrix

„First Matrix“

We are an english/german speaking guild and we‘re searching for Members.


  • inactive for more than 36 hours results in kick

  • Daily Guild Donations

  • We got a Discord, which is preferred to use in Raids etc.

  • be a human being

To us: we are a big active group and want to be one of the best guilds at the server. If you are a casual who plays once a week this is not the guild for you. If your active, want a guild or friends, you are welcome! :heart:

If you have irl stuff to do and cant be acitve for some days. Happens. Tell us before and you‘re safed from a guild kick.

It is important to us that we can learn the game quickly together so we can improve as a unit.

btw, no Place for unnecessary Rudeness.

Hey bro can I join?