[EU] The only way to stop having queues - Dev watch it please

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I have actuelly 4 characters 50, and one 1000+ on Trixion, with 117+ hours played, and I am TIRED of having 2-5h of queue every day to log in and play.

The new EU region had to be open since pre-launch ! Amazon had that experience with New World : there were more player on EU than NA.
I think they had all datas about founder’s pack bought on all region, so why they didn’t split it since beginning like NA. Anyways.

Here is my idea :
In addition to the “refound” of founder’s pack for player who move to EUW, Amazon and Smilegate should really try to create a SPECIAL Powerpass, that allow somebody who has already minimum 1 char 50, and with a gear score above 302 and here are the rewards I think that “WORTH” the move :
-All quests done with all quests rewards on that 1st character (including silvers, golds, potions, stats like wisdom, charisma, etc, everything coming from quests during progression 10-50)
-A set 302 so people can start do everything they used to do daily
-Still have access to the 2 power pass when all Vern quests done

The result of doing that :
-People that spend 1 week to go from 10-50 because of lack of game time due to queues and only on beginning of end game progression can move really easily
-People that have 3+ characters can get back their roster easy
-Entire guild might decide to move

This is the only way.

New EUW region will be ok for New players, but people who did a huge try hard since pre launch like me will never move, but with that special power pass, thousands of people can be interested in moving to EUW.

Please do something !
Lost ark went from 91% of positive reviews to 68%, 90%+ of bad reviews are because of queues.

Amazon please don’t ruin EU game experience.

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Gimme, gimme, gimme more free stuff! Yeah, that’s the way to solve the problem. We don’t need Smilegate/Amazon to continue to lose money. Onward and upward!

True… People that not playing are people that will not spend.
If somebody play he might spend, new region has to be attractive !