[EU - TRIXION] [PVE] TrixionDominators - LF more guild mates!

:star: GuildName: TrixionDominators
:star: Region: EU central
:star: Server: Trixion
:star: Spoken language: English
:star: Guild Leader: Labomba

Hello all!
My friends and i started playing this game in the pre-release, and got totally absorbed by the content, we all loved it. Since we are here to stay and explore the world of lost ark, we took a common decision to make a guild.

We are currently a 18+ community that enjoys being in a competetive / casual environment. We don’t take the game dead seriously, whilst just enjoying the content as it comes. We look forward to try out new raids, dungeons , crafting in a “guild first” approach, before using the match making function.

Every single person is welcome, we have roughly 10-15 spots left. No matter skill, level, gametime, we are looking for english speaking players with a positive mindset.

Contact me ingame. Cya :sparkles: