EU vs NA population and server deployment capacities

Help me UNDERSTAND something.
EU has 747,636,045 , versus NA 592,072,204. Yet from the get-go, NA got TWO regions while EU got only ONE ( with also less servers deployed).
This is purely EU number , without counting those ppl from the European continent NOT in EU (Moldavia, Ukraine and other countries) that can still play on Eu central. Judging by this, the number would almost double the number of US players, yet the server capacity was massively reduced for EU at launch.
So help me understand, is this evilness on purpose, or just a mistake? It can’t be a mistake, because anyone with 2 IQ digits could have seen that EU needs double region and double the amount of servers.
So there is only one thing left, evilness? Mid day EU, al;l servers on queue, being a Monday.