[EU - Wei] Crumpet Cartel! A community

Lets make it easy! Simple rules / expectations

  1. No racism - There is a lot of hate in Wei and this guild is to allow people of all nationalities to feel welcome
  2. English only in guild chat - This is to promote inclusion! You don’t have to be native English but a common tongue just helps us all get along :slight_smile: Despite where we are from
  3. Be understanding and friendly! - Don’t be mean to someone if they don’t know the basics or are struggling, either help or don’t say anything but always understand that our main goal as a guild is to have fun and to form a community.

Now for our recruitment message! (Don’t take it too serious)
Are you the creme de la creme of a Brit? Apply to Crumpet Cartel! More Crisp! More Butter! More British!! Viva la crumpet!

I look forward to talking to you! Now lets put on the kettle and relax.

If the guild is full and you still want to apply or if you want to apply directly you can DM in game “Laeliah” Add me as a friend if I am not online

Do you have half a brain? Join us and we’ll help you find the other half!

I was once a failure too… Then I joined Crumpet Cartel! Now I have something to be proud of! Send us an app! :slight_smile:

Got some free time!? You login game to have fun? See maintenance!!? Could be making business but now you waste time!! Haiyaaa!!

Join Crumpet Cartel! Come join us as we point out the failllwers! So many family be disappoint, but they no disappoint if you join gud guild!

It’s getting late… But it’s not too late to join Crumpet Cartel!

We’ve already received dozens of applications and we are only getting bigger by the day! Send an application and lets keep this train going!

Another day, another dawn!
Another day, the server moans!

But not at Crumpet Cartel! We enjoy ourselves as a community, come join us and moan in guild chat about people moaning in area chat! Elitism at its finest!

Do I ever sleep? Sometimes… But how can I sleep when I have masses of applications to go through!! Do your part in keeping me awake, apply!

I spend more time managing the guild and accepting new players than I play game! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Send an application and remind me why I pay money to look at text.

Want a thriving and alive guild? We just cleared out all the inactive and now have new spaces available!?

Join now and reap the benefits of a fun community before the spots are snatched up!

Still recruiting? I love a crumpet me!

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Fairly certain you Dm’d me and I made a spot for ya? if not DM Laeliah