(EU) Wei - English - 18+ Ethereal Night

Ethereal Night is a Family Social guild - we take pride in helping each other both in farming, elite runs and lvling! We’re tight knit, and do alot of social stuff together ingame and on discord, which makes discord requirement! Real life will always come before ingame in any case!
It may be Ingame events, such as a Adventures Tome completion group, Elite Runs, and Dungeons. Or Discord events such as, Cards Against Humanity or a chill movie night. This is also the reason that being active on discord is required! - so don’t be scared to join voice! we only bite a little :slight_smile:

Language: English
Age: Pref 18+ (mature)
Server: EU - Wei

Right now we aren’t that many people , but there’s always 1-2 people in voice as a minimum all depending on work, since a few of us work weird schedules :slightly_smiling_face:
So it’s active a lot of the time from 10am CET to 10pm CET and then all to 2- 4 am depending on the schedules^^
And just for info, our current ages are between 27 and 55…

As for later raiding, right now a few people are still lvling up - i already hit 50, though only around ilvl 500. And most other lvl50’s are around “Ilvl 550-650” We have a few with higher ilvl as well, though we’re still getting the hang of how the game works and what to look out for! :slightly_smiling_face:
Everyone works around their work schedule and irl :slightly_smiling_face:
So if the queue is too long in the evening, instead of not doing anything we usually find something else to play so that we still can chill when we’re online!