EU West Costmetics from Founders Packs


I know you sent already a 2nd founders pack to everyone again, to make a swap to EU West possible. However those founder packs went out before the big issues with EU Central started and some people claimed it on EU Central without putting a lot of thought in it. So did I and my friends…we switched to EU West 2 days after those packs were sent out, when the EU Central issues were unbareable and when we already claimed the 2nd packs for our beloved alts…

So my question or my request would be to atleast give people that got a founders pack on EU Central, the skins one more time for EU West.

It might be too much to ask for, but it would be greatly appreciated as we endured leveling a 2nd time, farming all mokokos again, bought skins from the shop fresh, etc…we redid the game and can’t enjoy our founder skins.

You guys made it happen with Twitch Drops, maybe you can make it happen for the skins again.

If that is no option, maybe put them on the store for EU West for a reduced price, I honestly would pay for them again.

Greetings from EU West


@FluffySorc they did make the Tiwtch drops avaialable for dropping again, for those that missed out of claiming them from Twitch streams… those that already claimed them from a stream, still can’t get them on EUW because they stupidly(myself included) thought they could increase capacity, rather than create a new region where we can’t “2nd claim” our drops… even though it would be an easy fix / give away to arrange.

You are not informed on that topic, here is the post that states that EU West will get the drops again if you got them on EU Central


@FluffySorc Thank you, it must be added news since the last ones I read… and honestly I don’t know where they put these updates some times as I haven’t come across this updated version.

Thank you very much for this and sorry for my mis-rant/xplain post before, due to lack of …what ever you want to call it :slight_smile:

Gave your reply post and like and I would give you more if I could.

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Sorry for tagging you @Roxx but do you think this might be a possibility?


I absolutely second this! We are founders after all and paid a lot of money in advance because we love this game and believe in it!



ofc the founders packs would be without Royal Crystals or Crystalline aura since they are Account bound and not roster like the skins. But being able to get the skins again would be great!

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bump to get more attention


@Roxx still waiting.