Eu West Frustrating to be on

So the deal is Eu West is dead for good like theres no people to do content with and the market is totaly dead so today i tried to get some accesories for my paladin
I was Looking for a 3 Blessed Aura 3 Spirit Absorbsion and Swiftness…well good luck theres only 3 total Accesories on the whole market wich are wayyy to overpriced around 10k per item
This sadens me so much while on Eu Central the Same stuff theres 7 Whole Pages of them Starting at less then 1k Gold… if u see this here maby would have pitty with us and try finding a solution to merge servers so we can have some fun aswell
So i beg u pls gime a chance on this i have around 900 hours and 10 chars from wich 8 in t3
and i love the game but its so hard to keep playing with this huge disatvantage when u see streamers and others on Other Regions with gg Engraving and stuff and u work so hard but still cannot reach that even with 6 to 8 hours of play daily

I tried to convince all friends to stay on EUC because I knew this would happen. And just stop playing for a week while the queues was getting fixed.

I can happily say that I managed to keep all friends on EUC.
If you are Swedish I can help boost on server Kadan if you ever consider swapping. I wish you good luck otherwise and leave you with this.

What is 2-3 months of game time in the long run,
if you will enjoy it for another 3+ years (or10+ as with me and WoW)

Server health is being tracked closely; the teams are aware of this issue for Europe West players (especially on specific servers) and are looking at possible paths forward. We’ll let players know when a decision is made


The guy who made the thread is not talking about server health but region health,auction house is region wide.

I must say, this takes the trophy of the most generic “We’re look into this sometime in the future, maybe, hopefully” I’ve ever seen.

Might aswell say “Wait at least a few months, possibly more, for something to happen”

ye i mean if some1 thinks this is fair well ggs i hope not… but the thing is i would love to know will a reggion merge ever happen or will i stick more money and more time in the game only to find out later that the server id dying and no region merge will happen. i wish this sort of answer are u guys considering letting us transfer or smth i would pay 20dollars for every of my characters just to be able to more regions…

The AH is a region wide issue

You have a TREMENDOUSLY good game there happily spend like 300€ there in 2 Months. But i gave up on it because of the EUW situation. EU is a disaster

Two words, region transfer.

17d later… Multiple servers dying. No decisions made.

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+1 open world/community is nice but instanced content/market etc need help asap