EU WEST is a great name for the reason of

it tells you if you really are from there, your PING/connection speed will be very good. and if you are not from west, your ping will be bad.

So please stop this nonsense of advocating as if this is a bad thing.

Thing is, all of the eu west playerbase is already in eu central. This is a shitty solution specially without roster migrations implemented


im sure 30-40k QUE people will replace their place. lol

FWIW, it doesn’t currently look like there should be an extreme difference in ping for most players; it shouldn’t have a big effect on gameplay in that way

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Well I don’t like any unnecessary segregadion and this feels exactly like that. You cant even transfer cross region so its a huge hit to EU players. Hopefully they will merge EU Central and EU West back in future when playerbase diminishes a bit.

The Idea is great, but without the possibility to migrate our roster to another Server or Region. At least nearly anyone I know, including myself, are currently not thinking about leaving our current Server. We enjoy Lost Ark, but as a Player, we’re unwilling to sacrifice our progress.

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So, EU-East goes to Central, EU-West to west.
But what is central? France? Germany? Or are they already west? Who knows.

screw everyone that already started playing. since they dont wanna add character transfer. Myself, i havnt used any money yet. cause i will quit if they screw me with “wrong server”

I just agree with you. I wouldn’t mind to change my server but don’t feel like giving up my progress :confused:

But then eastern players will still try to get on EU Central, why would they choose EU West? Do they know about ping while creating a char?
If both Servers are same location anyway, just name them EU 1 and EU 2 or so.

There reasons why it’s a bad idea naming it EU-West were already explained in several other threads.

A great solution the user @Z4RX mentioned was naming the servers after Lost Ark Regions.