EU west login rewards

Hi all,

In the West launch post found here:

It states:

  • We understand that players have been collecting daily attendance rewards since launch and we don’t want players migrating to Europe West to miss out, so the last 10 days of daily attendance rewards will be granted automatically to all characters on Europe West with the next maintenance.

Does anyone know when this is happening?

Maybe @Roxx @Seawolf


This is the note which is pretty unclear. We have the second daily reward page, but it says will be granted automatically. We did not receive anything automatically, instead we have to make sure, that we login the next 10 days.

it states with the next maintenance. Which has not happened yet as far as i know.

Ah ok. Then we have to wait until then.

It is misleading (and false) that the “news ticker” on EU Central says “login rewards are now available on EU West”.

The wording is really confusing as “the last 10 days” can mean both “the previous 10 days” and “the final 10 days”.

Since we haven’t received it yet and there hasn’t been a maintenance, which is when they said it will be added, I believe it will be the final 10 days of the log in rewards that will be automatically completed.

Does anyone know when the maintenance will be?

Now we had a maintenance. Still received nothing.

We now have the problem, that we have not enough days left to get all the daily specials until the 10.03. Maybe @Roxx or @Seawolf can clearify some things.

EUW hasnt had a maintenance yet…