🇬🇧 [EU West - Moonkeep] Grim Valour I PvX - Recruiting Mature Guild

Server: EUW :full_moon: Moonkeep
Guild : :skull: Grim Valour
Language - :uk: English
Level 4 Guild

Grim Valour is a mixed veteran group from Kadan that moved over and formed a newly created guild on Moonkeep, we aim to be for the Mature Audience so being over 18+ is a must.

We are a guild that will be doing daily and high-end content and with that in mind we are semi-hardcore and officially PvX, so if you are an active player and want to have fun and is interested in doing Abyss Dungeons, Raids, and PvP down the line then you are welcome to join us.

What WE want from you.

  1. 18+ Be Mature.
  2. Understand English
  3. Be Active in Guild Tasks
  4. Help other Guild Members
  5. 802 Ilvl Requirement.

Do mind we currently only have 34 player limit in the guild.

Please contact me for more information directly Blaze#0029 or our discord channel …

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Still recruiting

10 Slots remaining if your interested in joining our guild for mature english players contact me ingame (Misery) or on discord.

We are still looking for players, only 8 slots left.

Still recruiting we are only looking for 460+ Players now.

Purged some inactives so we got spots open we are level 3 guild actively recruiting players.

Just about to hit lvl 4 Guild if your interested in joining! please msg me ingame @ Moonkeep "Misery or Discord / Channels

Reached Level 4 Guild this week bringing out guild slots to 36 we got room for 7 players.