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Midland Marauders are looking for a selection of people who are enjoying this game and would like a group of people to enjoy it with :slight_smile:

As of yet there is 8 of us, all friendly and all interactive.

Why this guild?
I’m not mega strict on guild activity. I perfectly understand that people have real life to deal with which is the biggest boss fight imo, and so I understand if you don’t play for 3 or so days. Even logging on for a few minutes to an hour is perfectly fine!

As of yet this guild consists of people with working jobs, despite that, everyone is active.

We as a guild a ready to try everything that this game has to offer and do it together.

We are also in the progress of making a Discord server which will serve as a hub for us to chat in, share memes, talk about the game, plan events and even teach you new things by sharing guides and tips

Our goal

I aim to achieve a perfect balance of members, 50% who balance work/family life and spend time playing the game, and other 50% members who have a lot more time on their hands to power through the game. Achieving this will mean people will always be able to play with their friends that they will form a bond with

If you are interested, drop me a message in this thread that you’re interested and I will 100% reach out to you. <3

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Hey ! Seems like something I’m definitely looking for ! Let me know how to reach out to apply/join ?

Just reached 200 to apply to your guild only to see you upped it to 300!