(EU WEST - Moonkeep) - Mollywop

Guild Name: Mollywop
Content: PvX
Language: English

About the Guild:

  • Level 3

  • Shop level 3

  • 20 members at or close to tier 3.

  • Experienced core members.

  • Looking for players who are tier 3 or close to it and keen on doing end game content.

  • Good attitude and a sense of humour is a must.

  • Any classes are welcome to apply.

  • We don’t dictate what you do or who you play with, just want to organise weekly events for upcoming 8 man content and other bits like Ghost Ships, Field Bosses and grouping for Alt content.

  • We also don’t require or expect anyone to swipe to gear up (as we don’t either).

Shoot me a message in game @Swinz, or apply through the guild finder in game.

Also feel free to message me on discord if that’s more convenient: @KYLE1#5151


Bump, getting full on paladins for the time being.