<EU WEST> new region , new servers

Well , this is crazy after the opening kf the new region , server are still FULL and the que is still the same . that means something is really wrong going on .

Its F2P game so who cares to open a new
Charector in other region ,

Please tell me which server is most English populated ?
All who moved to the new region , are you satisfy?

I think Moonkeep has mostly English speaking players.

Moonkeep and Stoneheart i think

Thank you

Has anyone started there?

Stoneheart, can confirm mostly english.
Are some dutch and swede trolls in the chat at times but after blocking them, purely english


Stonehearth was deemed an English AND Scananavian speaking server on the language thread when the servers opened. Although the chat is mainly English.

Scandinavians almost all speak english just fine so.

Well , you convinced me…
All who want to get their the stress down , just move to EU West .

Is why all of us moved there already :stuck_out_tongue:
Who wants to do tricks to be able to just play a game?
Who wants to wait for 4-8hours after work just to play a game? xD

Well, it’s a mixture of things.
Some are stubborn.
Some feel entitled.
Some are just angry.
Some are addicted.
Some like self harm?
Some are valid concerns as they’ll lose tens to hundreds of $/€

Its a Free to play game no money was needed , nobody forced them to DONATE amazon money .

are there queues on the EU west servers?

Haven’t seen or heard of a single one so far.

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Moonkeep, mostly English with a few other languages… Seems chill with no (or very few) tryhards or neckbeards. Just people having fun playing.

Today i logged in, no ques at all.

Seriously so happy with Moonkeep - English, people are nice, busy but no queues. Highly recommended. Leveling back up to where I was (30) also took me maybe 4 hours.

Thank you

And now, you will have 4-8h more gameplay time every weekday!