EU West - No founders pack?

Amazon / Smilegate,

Why do you expect players to want to move from servers they have claimed their original founders content/twitch items and put as much time as they could (when able to get in) when in the end moving to a new region, only gives them a much smaller bonus, a completely new start with all progression lost and no real bonus for doing so?

Would it be difficult to offer a founders pack per region on one server alongside a bonus for moving?

hours after release of new servers and no one from existing queued servers wants to move because it just isn’t worth it!


Yeah I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

I don’t want to get rewarded for switching to EUW but I definitely don’t want to get punished by losing my original founder’s pack, twitch drops, and all the stuff I already spent money on in the shop.

It just makes absolutely no sense.

I agree with this but much like the other posts about this, this will be ignored.

a few hundred or thousand responses out to give it a noticeable boost, maybe share it on twitter etc, generate some news with social media

Its been discussed at length here, and not surprisingly, completely ignored by AGS.

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I just want to see some kind of a reset on the founder’s pack, would solve a lot of problems. Somehow wipe all the founder’s items across all servers and then re-add the founder’s chest back to the product inventory. So all founders get a second chance.


Doesn’t make sense for players already on EU Central, I think the new region is for players that just started playing the game for the first time as I understand it atleast, doesn’t really fix the problem on EU Central though…

This WAS the fix because they couldn’t increase capacity in EUC

if it had full character transfers, more people would do it, this isn’t fixing anything, no one is going to waste the time and effort they have currently put in, only to do it all again. its a joke.

I’d rather quit playing, than move to a new server and start fresh.

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and now its only just after 8am UK time and most EU central servers are “busy” no doubt because everyones reluctant to log out.

Wish someone would flag all this to the media, I’m sure some proper feedback worldwide would push the hand of AG/SG

still waiting for my second founders pack from the launch weekend they promised anyone who had bought one . tbh i think their full of shit and ive already dumped AGS . I wont be playing buying anything this company put their hands on again . false promises and just constant lies . im not the first and i wont be the last another great game going to be ruined and die because its in the hands of a company who don’t have a clue how to run a game or manage a gaming community and treat their customers .