EU West party finder on the second day of the week 👍

Hey guys, at what time does your region completely shut down and “go to sleep”?

Is it later than 11/midnight?


15 mins later and now there are 5 groups for HM. Unlucky timing I guess.

It sucks and you (and the rest of us) were mistreated but

no wait …

Damn was going to say could escape to EUC with tier3 character but that is not even possible.
It would even be such a bad answer and that is not even possible with the limitations


Sucky sucky is for the people who aren’t caught up to hard and still on normal mode. 3 groups total at a time throughout the day (one of each is selling bus)

EUW state speaks volumes for the game management decisions…

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If you didn’t swap to EUC when there was the express pass available, you got no one to blame but yourself…

Here we go, the first very special kid of the thread. More to come, for sure.

It was a scapegoat region since day 1…

So you picked a region with a smaller amount of servers, smaller population, and much lower odds of gaining new players and now you complain that your region has fewer players? OK.

Imagine being in the wrong for not transfering servers. It’s not like amazon, a company, responsable for distributing the game here, has the obligation of providing a good experience across all servers when they decide to open them, of course noooot… lmao, its the people’s obligation, because we the players receive a hefty salary don’t we ?

They said from the beginning that SG has no infrastructure to merge regions/servers so I guess it’s their fault that people can’t read?

Actually they said they are currently investigating and developing server merges :slight_smile:

How about, don’t open the servers if this was the expected outcome ? And if they have no means to fix it.

Let me develop a cool time travel machine. There is the possibility it may destroy the whole world tho, and i have literal no way to fix it and no plan B, we still cool tho right?

they are waiting till no group is there to make a thread :rofl:

What’s pretty funny is that the “we told you so, it’s your fault :clown_face:” kids from EUC are genuinely too dumb to understand that we’re only interacting with them because every reply bumps these threads to the top and gives them more visibility.

Actually, they were.

Then you would have a bunch of people crying that they can’t log in because of q’s for a few more weeks… You can’t make everyone happy.
Every person who made an account on EUW made their own decision, they had enough data to weigh all pros and cons and if they don’t like this decision now, after 4 months they should blame themselves, not AGS.

The same data amazon had? Lol

I feel for you man, I hope AGS can figure out how to copy some database data with a name change sooner rather than later.

They are pumping and dumping EUW, gonna wait people to give up and announce woopsie we are closing doors might offer a free transfer to the few blokes left there when this happen.

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