EU West players ripped off

Good evening,

I do not know how many players here still have problems on EU West but now several acquaintances of mine. And I myself contacted the Amazon Games Support, because various problems are in the room. Mainly that many people did NOT get what they paid for.

It comes from the side of the support always only incomprehension or the answer "We can unfortunately do nothing.

They were forced to start on EU West instead of considering a general reroll. (this would have been the best for everyone, then the players could have been distributed on the servers and everyone would have been satisfied).

But now the choice remained, either you don’t change at all and the servers are permanently overcrowded and you can’t do anything because nothing works OR you change in the hope that the promised / purchased content will also be given to EU West.
Among other things the Twitchdrops, which are STILL NOT available on EU West.

Both decisions now unfortunately lead to the fact that more and more people are inclined to completely stop or have already stopped. AND NOBODY gets his money back.

In my case or since I have owned all the packages are already missing all “Basic Upgrade Supplies Chest” where among other things in my case 90 “30 Shining Elemental HP Potion” which has equivalent to 9000gold. (Plus several other things) and alone this converted are also 20€ ~

In addition, 2 character slots for 800 real money crystals each. (16€ converted)

And what did we get? A joke.
Just because the people on EU Central just got everything twice, which is totally ridiculous.

I just want what I paid for and I think thousands of people feel the same way.

Which is why a class action lawsuit by the aggrieved parties would make sense here.

I have also very often witnessed and heard that the whole thing went so far that some are massively psychologically burdened by it, clearly it should not come so far because of a game but ALL THAT would have been quite different with the people if Amazon had not once again broken everything, as before with every other game they have touched.
Or simply by a fair compensation of the content.

What are your experiences?