EU West server status / FYI: Website vs in-game - Don't be misguided!

Picture 1: Server status: website vs in-game (summary / full screens see appendix)

[ Explanation of the Screenshot ]

My time zone is: UTC+1. So 12:30 PM on the screenshot equals my time: 9:30 PM. (see picture 2) This means according to the website it just updated. However as you can see for yourself that is not the case, via the in-game screenshot that I just took now, too. (see picture 3)

[ First Hand Experience from a player ]

In fact the servers are rather active. Even on my server, (“good”) the chat is very active in the evening: Be it questions, talk about packs not being fully compensated (Gold/Platinum, when you want to join a playable Region/Server), World Bosses (and ch 123), or “Add me” in the start. Around me I often see people. There are many active guilds, and the ones that just started have several members, too.

I can also confirm from other investigations, that the ones in question (“busy”) are supposed to be busy because of certain community work. (for example: EUW server overview)

[ Explanation of growth: EU West vs EU Central ]

In short: Don’t worry.

It is important to note, that the release servers (EUC) are full since headstart/release, because people have been accumulated over a long period, before the release. (Trailer: summer 2021) Thus over time, this can’t be measured easily - for instance I was not playing the beta, I didn’t need to.

Now the new servers (EUW) are an after-release project. People here will accumulate similarly, but simply live on stage. So don’t be surprised it’s not a big “boom” immediately, I think it is easy to understand when you point this out.

Of course this is simplified, there are other factors, such as Amazon’s effort to foster this new region as much as possible… While people will go here automatically, because of queues, they have to keep in mind that new players are not aware of “matchmaking-problems” on EUC and other shenanigans. …They could for instance better guide new people here, TBH.

Edits: Picture 1: added known community language tags for busy servers(from feedback)

Also published here: Lost Ark reddit: eu west status… (feb 23) Lost Ark Europe reddit: eu west status…

Appendix, full screens: (unedited)

Picture 2: Website - full screen

Picture 3: Ingame - full screen


Good post. I hope others still feeling sketchy can see this post and more accurately decide what (how they feel) want to do

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Amazon dropping the ball on many fronts. Wonder why the server page is bugged for EU West.

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Most likely the website has it’s own rule-set to decide the server status and AGS keeps tweaking the server capacity so the in-game status does not match.

While that could be,

from my experience, it is simply not updating as well:

I have posted about a similar occurrence elsewhere on their website: LoLA event website not updating for several days (it is documented with clear proof, again) There you can see, that the website was outdated and often behind.

Doubt this, especially since EUW was showing NA servers for 2 days or so…

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edit: (funny note - I had reached the daily limit, yesterday. (editing)At leaest in forums I have reached that)

Anyways, overall the thread is about giving the right picture, because I see people referencing to this website server status at several areas. For instance some people claiming it was “empty” based on a website screenshot… Lol