EU West - Shadespire - Gamer Dads Looking for People!

Gamer Dads are Recruting! Here are some infos for you if you’re intrested:
•Guild lvl 5 (6 soon) - All Reasearches.
•We’re International guild made from scratch in Lost Ark.
•We’re all Parents, mid 30’s, playing mostly on Evenings (when kids go to sleep).
•We’re starting to hit more 1400’s and we’re looking for people for Endgame Content. Currently on Argos, preparing for Valtan.
•We’re doing our Activities using Discord LFG channel so anyone intrested in an event can prepare and participate.

•Mainly Tier 3 (1100+) But we’ll consider Any application.
•Discord is Mandatory.
•Big Experience is not required

Our Goals:
•We have only one goal and that’s having fun by doing activities together, either if its
Raiding some endgame stuff, doing maps, bosses or islands.
•Noone in our Guild will feel like 2nd Class Guildmate, . We created this guild right on Shadespire when EUW Started.
•We offer Help in game, and all-round informations about the game - just ask.

Sign up through Discord or In-game, just look for ‘Gamer Dads’.
Our Guild Discord:



Sounds good, I’m in!

Is the server English? I hear other rumors.

The invite is invalid, can you repost it?