[EU - West] Stonehearth looking for active people of any level to join discord and guild

Guild Name: Midgard

Language: English

Focus: PvE

Member count: 35/42

We are the Lost Ark branch of a multi-national, multi-gaming community called Fenris a Europe based community. Playing a range of games together in one form or another for a few years.

Looking for players who want to join a discord community, help other players, complete daily and weekly content together, participate in Dungeons, Raids, and other content. Open to all levels.

We would like people to join our discord as we now have guild content to complete.

Guild Information:

• Guild level 7

• Contribution to guild – silver and research support

• Help other players

• Complete weekly content

Weekly Events for the guild raids and any content guild members need.

Let’s team up to complete bosses, dungeons, and events. If you feel we are the right guild for you feel free to DM me on discord via EL#8924 or just join Discord.gg/Fenris and select Lost Ark.