[EU West-Tortoyk] - Norske Vikinger is recruiting active players!

Norske Vikinger is a lvl.6 guild, looking for more active members!

As the name suggest, theres a certain level of Norwegian players in the guild, but the chat is English and theres several players from outside Scandinavia.
We aim to have fun, without feeling the game is a job. But also try our best while spending time ingame!
The playerbase range from Tier 1 to Tier 3 ilvl 1405.
Although it would be nice, to recruit higher levels to group up with, there is no minimum ilvl, the big requirement, is that you are fairly active and contributing to the guilds growth!

We do PvE and PvP, though the first is mostly represented.
Size of the guild is 37 registered characters, with a few alts.

You can PM Blc or Tuxxernblade ingame, if you would like to talk or if you have questions.

Thanks :slight_smile: