EU West Transfers

Legit this is what we need. We need to be able to transfer Characters with their equipped gear, and at least the items we earned through Twitch, and used REAL money for. I know it’s probably not the easiest thing to do, but I lead a guild and majority of the members, including myself, have put 50+ Hours into the game and have achieved at least 400ilvl. We don’t want to lose this progress just because there couldn’t be enough servers at first launch. If there is something like this, enough people will move and enough will stay to balance out server populations. It’s just making everyone angry right now that they cannot move without starting from absolute scratch again.


The mistake majority of y’all make is saying that “You need server transfers”. We’re talking about transferring a character from regions here, not servers. While a lot more things need clarification, not just getting the so desired “transfer” people ask for. First things first, we need to know why connection in the West region is worse than the one in Central. Also where’s the guarantee West won’t have the same issues Central does once it gets more populated? Server queues were existing for EU since early access too. It’s a lot of reasons for people to be skeptical, I’d say that losing progress is least of concern to people that consider going over to West region.

It’s actually not that difficult. Far less difficult than the actual creation of the game. We send emails bigger than your character data file.

The excuses for not having this are basically the equivalent of why ISPs need to charge you for your home wifi on your router in addition to your internet service.

And the coding is mostly simple checks of “Is server full? How full? There’s room? ok, move it over.”

More global code is basically “limit x number of these per hour for sake of bandwidth/processing power”

Professional dev teams get this sort of shit done all the time, and lawl, these are all servers universally connected together though ran separately. You cross more boundaries sending an email, probably.

also since they are separated domains you can just clone the servers in one data center and put up a new one in the other and have them log on to that one and delete the account on the first one and you have halved the population in a few hours. you can do it by force or let ppl pick servers there so many solution its amazes that the one we are seeing is not a solution at all