[EU] [Zinnervale & Beatrice] - New guild looking for recruits! Serenity Gaming!


We are a community built and maintained by a group of friends who decided they wanted to try and provide others with a fun, relaxed place to join together to socialize and game.

Unlike other communities, we pride ourselves on having voice active members and not being another big LFT server full of lurkers.

We are currently playing Lost Ark, Destiny, Valorant, Apex, Overwatch, League of Legends and we want you to join our ranks!

We are both playing casually and competitively but always have fun!

Along with a strong social base on the server, we host live-streamed Gaming events, Give-Aways, Prize Draws, Book and Warhammer clubs, so hop on in and see if you can win something cool.

if you are over 18 and use a mic feel free to join the server we are a part of.

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Looking for new members!

Hey just to point out we have 2 guilds as stated in the title.

Hey still looking for new recruits

Invite to come talk and interact with us!

Still looking for new recruits

Recruiting new members to join us on the leveling grind!

Beatrice! come join!

Open invite for new players to join a friendly active guild

Morning! downtime for everyone i guess… why not come join us for a chat?

spaces for new members to join

Hello! still getting big ques for Zinner?

Still looking for new recruits!

Beatrice is becoming the main server! come join

Still looking for new members! come join