(EU - Zinnervale) Scar - english speaking guild

Lost Ark

Region : EU

Language : English

Server : Zinnervale

Recruitment Status : Open

Guild : Scar

Guild level 21

450 minimum weekly contribution

Semi hardcore guild

Static groups with individual timeline for Valtan HM, Vykas HM, Clown

Every Sunday we do GVG, GVE 19.10 PM ST

Minimum requirements: 1490 item lvl, Full relic set, 5/3 engravings

Previous raiding experience in current content

Clases we currently looking for: Igniter Sorceres, Bard support, Glavier, Wardancer, Striker

All other classes more then welcome

Non toxic and friendly behaviour

Extension guild: Scarred

Guild level 16

250 minimum weekly contribution

2 alts allowed maximum also the extension guild has more casual members in, whose real life is more hectic and does not allow them to play more actively in weekly requirements

If you are interested contact our recruting officer: Silvershy#4647