[EUC Antares] - Shattergarde Guild Recruiting

Guild Name: Shattergarde
Guild Level: 4
Server: EU Central Antares
Language : English
Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore
Guild Priority: PvX

Shattergarde is a new-found guild, aiming to do various of content in Lost Ark . We want to create a guild filled with guildmates that want to progress in our own pace. Shattergarde is not just a typical guild where you are only needed for contribution. Shattergarde

Our raiding date and time is gonna be on Reset Day around 18:30 - 19:00 Ingame Time. ( We also have sundays but as a backup date in case we dont make it on thursday. It might also be a alt run day …!!)

What we offer : • PvE / PvP Content. (Dungeons, Raids, PvP Events and etc.)
• A friendly enviroment. (Chill and Play Lost Ark)
• We can help you through dungeons and raids. ( We have alts that can do up to P2 Argos.)
• In the near future we would like also to host some Guild Events with rewards…!!
• Discord Server Fully organized …!!

You can find us either on discord : Shattergarde or you can DM me at Vynran#4087 …!!