[EUC - ANY SERVER] Static that cleared HM Valtan first day on release looking for more DPS + SUPPORT 1445 or 1415 for our NM Valtan ALT runs with the goal of clearing HELL MODES in the future

Guild Name: Gigachads | PvX
Region: EU
Language: English
Server: ANY / Pref Kadan

We cleared HM Valtan first day on release, but still looking for DPS and SUPPORTS to join our static, 1445 for HM and 1415 for our ALT runs on NM Valtan.

We are looking to form an 8 (and later 16) man static to tackle the raids on release and after stick to a 3 day weekly raiding schedule with our end goal being clearing HELL MODE with 0 deaths for the achievement. We are a mix of WoW top 50 mythic raiders and Savage FFXIV blind raiders, looking to maintain and form a chill atmosphere while try harding for all the new content this game has to offer both PvE and PvP. To join the static you can be on ANY server on EU CENTRAL but if you want to join the guild you have to be on KADAN.

We are looking for people that:

  • are above the age of 18
  • mythic/savage EXP from other games it is NOT required BUT you will undergo a set of trials(to be explained if you decide to apply) (in case you have logs that will be a plus)
  • are open minded and willing to learn mechanics with patience while keeping a flame/rage free atmosphere especially towards the other members.
  • 1415+ ilvl

We want to enjoy this amazing game together, gear up, PvP, help each other etc. while maintaining a semi-hardcore to hardcore mentality, but first and foremost have fun.
For more information please DM me: Clownsexual#2365