[EUC - Asta] DPS & SUP lf Static


myself and a friend (sup main) are looking for a static for the upcoming raids (kakul > brel)
Preferably also for current content, changing guilds would be no issue either.

Current Roster is as follows:
1490 DB 5x3 Full lv8 LoS 18
1490 Glaivier 5x3 Full lv7
1460 DB 5x3
1445 Berserker 5x3
1445 Bard
1445 Scrapper
(swapping either bard or scrapper for 1490 AT Scouter on Launch)

Sup Roster:
1490 Pala 5x3 Full lv8
1475 Pala 5x3
1445 Pala 5x3
1445 Pala 5x3
1430 Pala
1430 Bard

We can raid every day except saturday from 19:00 - 24:00 CEST

If you got any questions feel free to DM