[EUC-Asta] Lvl 17 guild LF active members for bloodstone collection

My friends i started playing with all quit the game. I have been playing solo for about 5 months now and started bussing all my raid on all characters. Meaning i don’t look for a static or ppl for regular runs or anything. But I AM sitting on an empty lvl 17 guild now with maxed guild shop. Because I’m the only one who still plays this game I’m also the only one contributing to the guild, hence my characters only get ~2k ish bloodstones every week which is not nearly enough to buy out the guild shop.

I’m looking for people who just wanna join and be active (contribute to the guild) so we can all use the guild shop to it’s full potential. Yes, I just want the weekly bloodstones for the guild shop. That’s it ^^

If u want to join then just message me or drop a post below. I’ll send u the name so u can send a join request.