EUC Balkan guild Pornicari Stari Recruitment

Guild name Pornicari Stari
server EU Central Beatrice
language ex-Yu

Discord server Pornicari Stari

We are a guild composed mostly of semi-casual & semi-hc players who have experience playing Lost Ark on Russian servers. We are looking for players who have a mature mentality, willing to learn and share knowledge about the game with others on discord, willing to help the guild progress through the guild system, willing to do PVE & PVP with guild members, and most important of all, willing to spend some quality time playing this game with other guildies.

For any additional information, please contact @Jedinstven or come to our discord channel and contact jedinstven or LudoZezanje.


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your discord link is not working, make it permanent

Thanks, missed 1 letter :smiley: