EUC Bluecrystals "SEND HELP"

another 100g in one day…

(SA is more fk as us i know)

if SG dont do anything against it what we gonna do in some months with like 3-4k each 95bc?

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Seems legit.


Don’t worry around 3k per 95BC it will stop because then selling skins and RC gives you about the same amount of gold.

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Lmao imagine being new and having to spend like 40k for a 4x3 just to have a slight chance at getting into parties and still getting rejected because of low roster level.

Don’t worry AGS isn’t going to do anything about it. Nobody there even plays the game or has an idea of what blue crystals are except for Roxx who probably has 0 say in how things are ran.


I think it would be ok, if the bc´s are around 4,5k - 5k. Most ppl exchange Rc for gold, so it have to be worth

I disagree. I think it should be 10-15k. Then it would be even more worth.

(also all the f2p would quit so we could jerk each other off in lobbies for 5 hours until we find 5 more players to fill it up)


guys thats not gonna work, there are always skins and the price of the skin boxes also rise with the inflation… the only thing thats gonna fuck us is that Raids gonna be worthless and you only get some gold if you pay…

ok, how about making skins purchased with RC non-tradeable?

Imagine honing your way to 1415 and 1430 to finally access some big gold just to find out now it s worth 1/5 of when you just ran orhea and argos p1.



Rn you can hone up to 1475 and bus everything and still not keep up with inflation lol


that busses are the reason of the inflation, additionally too much bot materials over the last month (Fisch/herbs/books)
so we created that BC prices to ourself

Take advantage of buying all the crystals you can now because in a few months it will probably exceed 3000 and you will regret not having bought when they were cheap like now

4x3 is cheap it isn’t 40k

its nott busses its rmt.

All servers blue crystal prices are going up, I believe we should just get used to it :frowning:
Doubt there is a way back.

So the play for real f2p players is to open a 2nd and third account, get 6 characters to 1415 and keep buying busses for each one which directly causes inflation in itself, but allows you to get some pheons every week.

Imagine being in SA and doing a HM Valtan [1445] run just to buy 9 pheons which is a single ability stone.

I’d quit on the spot.

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180 pheons for average rng 7/7, 175 pheons for relic accs = 71k in pheons to be done with that character until ancients

imagine when you get to the point that each gear upgrade for you is 500k+ you going to whine about that too? 71k isn’t even a week’s worth of income and it only gets far worse from there

That was always the case

Just wait till ancient at 35 x piece lol

most people leave their alts in relic since the stat gain is small. another 175 in pheons to convert your main later is still nothing

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