EUC Bots and AFK players + queue and matchmaking ISSUES

Dear people and community,

I am feeling all sorts of emotions right now. Sadly those are not the good ones that I was expecting for… I am overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, angry and all over the place right now about the EUC region. I have enjoyed this game in RU region and I have been waiting for the EU/NA release like crazy and for what? Just to see this amazing and complex game suffer so much? I love this game from the bottom of my heart and the ongoing trend just breaks my heart to pieces.

  1. I have spent around 140h in game already at ilvl of 1070 and majority of islands quests and other stuff done (180h if we will count the queues…) This fact itself is mind blowing 40h of queue time in total (around 30% of whole time played)… Obviously I will not go to the EUW because I have invested to much time at this point here so sadly that is not an option for me. The worst part is when you start queueing around 3pm and you are exited that when you come back from work you are going to play the game and you wait for 5-6h (11-14k queue) and the queue that crashes and it does not show any error as well and it just gets stuck on the same number and doesn’t change until you press “cancel” only then the error pops up. This now happened for me two days in a row. Just for the record I am very patient guy this is actually the first time I am being SALTY in the forums but I cant take it anymore after what happened to new world and what is now happening to Lost Ark. I understand that other regions do not have the same issues like we have in EUC but the thing is that major population is in EU.

  2. I have pre-ordered Platinum pack, people can say it is p2w and etc. I really don’t care about that, my point is about crystalline aura that you get from the pack other stuff is irrelevant. As you know couple of days ago we had issues where crystalline aura was not working at all and we did not get extra days back for that time (I am not talking about the 3 days which we got for the early launch for pack people). Anyway my point is due to Crystalline not working people could not repair their gear during raids/abyss dungeons (in instances). Me and other 7 people were doing an Abyss dungeon and we could not finish it at final boss because gear broke for 4 people in the group and they were just unable to do anything. This is not the worst part though… I got over it and forgot about it unfortunately not for long, the next day me and our guild completed the Abyss dungeon then obviously we wanted to continue with the next one and here comes the matchmaking issues. When we tried to queue into the dungeon we finally managed to get an instance after half an hour or so, we received a loading screen which showed that we are getting inside the dungeon, once we got inside we instantly received another loading screen which loaded us back to where we were before the instance and our ticket was depleted. I have contacted game support for that reason and I am still waiting for reply on that matter I know for a fact that they can issue an in-game “ticket” which allows you to re-enter the dungeon people in the community have posted those already.

  3. Bots and afk people. Bots are painful topic, everyone knows that they exist in all games and they are hard to get rid off, I have seen way to many posts about bots in our region and they are still thriving. Even Asmongold shown them on his stream where 10 or so bots were jumping on their horses in Lutera port… I have seen 20-30 of them in one spot just bundling in one place, how there is no staff for dealing with that on short notice it is not hard to recognize a GROUP of bots in one place… As well there is a big issue with AFK players, I am not talking about people who goes to eat or do chores for 10-30 minutes I am okay with that we are all people. But what I am talking about is people who leaves their game on for 24/7 and makes their character to run into a wall or just uses auto clicker to imitate that they are not AFK until they are at work or sleeping. Bot issue can be solved just without any sweat, hire a GM and he can take care of it in matter of hours. Regarding queues and matchmaking - they can do a RESET on peak hours, NOT maintenance, but like legit reset of servers for 10-15 mins, we all know they can do that they already showed us that. That would eliminate bots and afk players on that time and let active people for that time to enjoy the game. When game launched they did maintenances during peak hours, now they changed it to 6-7 am CET which is okay but does not help, I would rather wait ongoing maintenance for 2-3h on peak hours rather than in queue just to hope it will not crash.

To sum up. I just hope this game does not end up like new world where they had a huge trend when they fixed one thing but then 20 other things broke down… We have other problems here like people can’t play with their friends or after work due to outrageous queues and matchmaking issues. Some people invested so much time and they do not want to start over so people are scattered all over the place or they just decide not to play because they can not even play the game due to queues even if you manage to login during the peak hours the matchmaking is dead and you spend another 3-4 hours trying to do your dailies, if you go solo is a bit easier for what I have experienced but if you want to play with your friends or guildmates you are kind of doomed for endless tries to get into instances and hope you will not get booted out from it.

I hope todays patch helped with matchmaking on EUC sadly I am still not able to play and see for myself since my queue crashed two days in a row and I can’t be bothered to wait another 4-5h in queue after same amount already spent there. My aura is going to waste same as my dailies. It is not going to sound good, but people already are leaving and it will just get bigger. WoW patch didn’t change much because they have other issues there, lets hope Elden Ring will make a change for the better. And for me, today my journey with lost ark came to a halt, I will have to wait until people gets tired of queues or leaves for others games and then I will be able to come back and enjoy the game because now it is just mentally frustrating to see how the game is suffering.

Take care