EUC clock issue

Yesterday DST hit in EU and since than my in game clock is 1 hour behind.

For example it would show CET 17:00 while CET time is 18:00.

Server Antares, region EUC.

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No it’s not :slight_smile: CET did not change. It’s your time that changed - you are now in CEST timezone which is +1h from CET. Server time shows CET.

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change hmm well im in eu west and live in Sweden “Stonehearth” now the time is 18:27 and thats Cet time +1. server time is 16:28 utc meaning normal server time minus one hour and should be 17:28 and not minus two. so yes dst server time is wrong

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Here is a screenshot of in game time and what google show for CET.

They are both showing CET but time differs by 1h

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ingame 16:53

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Time not working in Denmark either. They will probably not fix this ever. They don’t care about region specific stuff like this. They will probably never add æøå/ÆØÅ characters either.

Right now ive put a piece of tape over the clock ingame to not confuse my self. I will have to leave it there for the next 6 months.

(The workaround where you would manually change the windows time, does not work anymore either.)

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tbh it would suprised me if they would do something about it… Its kind of sad when you see no responds to this problem… We just gotta used to it that eu is second to them. Its way too much for us to wabt them add cest time to game. :face_exhaling:

next time maintenance they will fix which is thursday & fail it. So probably in a week or so. Get used to an hour less in game.

That’s because the EUW servers is on GMT not CET

No country uses CET during summertime so it makes no sense for the server time to not be corrected. Please AGS/SRPG. Central European Time - exact time now -