EUC compensation + different treatment from NA

why is Galatur getting compensation while EUC was broken, tons of days without crystalline aura, a feature we PAID for and get nothing. Got to love the unequal treatment here.

Original statement saying it will be looked into

More EU specific issues, no compensation

Server queue issues, no compensation

More EU downtime

Showing Amazon is aware of the issue

Only giving Galatur Compensation

More issues with crystaline aura

And here you are saying you are aware that it has a timer attached to it

Not to mention the thousands of forum posts and replies about missing crystalline auras

Response to compensation and that we are GETTING NOTHING even tho we paid for those crystalline auras

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Is there a credible site where you can share on this post?

Big brain moment: you can’t loose reputation if you don’t have any to begin with