[EUC] Decrease Server Capacity -> Improve Region Stability

I know some people are not going to like this but I dont see another option.

AGS, Smilegate, whoever is in charge: Please decrease the amount of players that are allowed to join EUC servers at the same time.

We are already waiting 4+ hours to get into the game. At this point, waiting two more hours would not make that big of a difference. Currently, we are waiting for hours to get into the game and if we finally do get in, we are still not able to play. I would be happy to wait longer in queue if this would mean that matchmaking and the shop actually works once I do get in.

Also, lock down all EUC server for new players (temporarily).



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I think they will do this eventually but when the queues are gone.
Then maybe this would create queue again for bit.

Or alternatively delete a server that I am not using :stuck_out_tongue:
Should we have a vote for what server to yeet?

true. I was about to propose the same solution. If increasing bandwidth isn’t possible, then decreasing the amount of players is the only solution. Increasing the queues might also push away some players (uninstall), which will help to address the current problems even further.

To summarize: bullly away a small part of the playerbase till the game is stable again.

they didnt care about their players at nw, they wont do here, they work their 8 hours a day, leave eu 17 hours with any new information because noone is working, then tell us “we cant do anything because of the server structure, we are sorry, thank you for your patience”… thats it… crying 100000 posts in the forum didnt help at nw, why should it help over here, same people, same situation… sad but true

Its just frustrating if you are trying to get into a dungeon for an hour with no success. And its getting worse with every day. I’ve been online for 8 hours now and still havent even received my crystal aura.


I should have said something more controversial to stir shit and actually get people to comment on this thread and bumping it :joy:

there will be a fix for dungeon.

You could tell us what server we should delete.
Maybe someone wont be happy about it.

I actually tried that before lol. Doesn’t bring much traction.

Viable solution. Would like to see a decrease in current active players if the game works.

Right? We’ve been having daily maintenances now and the situation hasnt improved in the slightest. The opposite has happend, its getting worse with every day.

Were our prayers answered?

Nothing was answered :slight_smile:

More: Acknowledge and Surrender from their side.