[EUC] [Inanna] (eng) Uwû guild

Hello, we are a guild of friendly active UwU players!
At the moment we have a guild level 10, we also have a discord channel and a guild for our alts.

The guild leader and guild deputy have extensive experience in MMORPG and experience in playing lost ark in other regions.

There are only active players in our guild, but we will not kick you out if you need to take a break sometimes :3

Main requirements:
-daily activity and guild contributions
-respect for all members of the guild and other players, we do not accept aggression.
-be UwU

we will be waiting for you! there are very few empty slots left in the guild(32/44)


Uwû (Lost Ark) you can create an application to join the guild here or send it directly through the game interface

Any spots?

yep :3

Heeey we lvl 10 and have some spots ^^