EUC Kadan 2 players LFG

Two returners (1415) looking for an active guild on kadan eu central. We used to semi/hardcore the game on launch, about 800h in.

Looking for an active semi-core guild to complete pve content together in a fun and relaxed environment. We both play blade, with a paladin alt in the making.

Were not looking for an alt guild, but an active player environment.

One of us mostly plays in the evening hours due to RL responsibilities.

We love lost ark and hope to have a fun year with it!

IGN: Dropout & Xov or message me here

Hey! You can join in Arcana, we have open join right now so you can apply any time. We have a discord and we raid and chill all the time. We are not hardcore by any means. You will also find nice levels of degeneracy but only for fun kek.