[EUC-Kadan] The Originals - Lvl 11 | HC/Semi-HC with a 1415+ ilvl requirement [PvX guild]

Guild Name: The Originals
Region : EU Central
Language: English
Server : Kadan


  • Sustainable & healthy growth
  • Latest PvE & PvP content (with a big interest in the future GvG content)

What we provide

  • Experienced and progressive leadership
  • Mature and competitive environment
  • Dedicated, friendly and experienced guild mates, willing to join any content
  • Clear Goals, Well structured and Strong Community

What we expect

  • Team Player with a strong drive to achieve top results
  • Self motivated and aligned with our guild standards
  • Voice communication is a must
  • Participation in guild events
  • Positive and respectful attitude
  • Competitive mindset is a plus!

Apply Now!!

*Note: Please fill the application form in discord.
-Contact #Bucketheadland#1116 via discord for more info!