[EUC - Kadan]<Metaslaved> Recruiting lv17 Atm

Metaslaved, semi-hardcore guild is looking for 1415+ item level people that wanna play together and have some competent people for Legion Raids.

We don’t have any strict rule, but if you join a guild, be active in the guild’s life by donating, doing quests, activities and organizing legion raids and other stuff that might be useful to your progress.

We’re not aiming to compete against whales, but we’re not giving up without trying. Feel free to whisper me in game (Koreangurl) or my officer (Raidzero) if you need any additional info.

distribution %100 to member
OBS: No botter allowed.
Discord : Metaslaved Guild

Bump , discord is open for anyone intrested .

Still seaching for members

Still has slot , open .

guild is lv15 now , more slot

have slot open

guild lvls up again more slot

Up more slot open :DDD come bois

lvl up again , more slot open

bump recruiting gamers


still recruiting

few slot left open