[EUC] LF 1 Heal 2 DPS - G1-6 brel week1 + other weeklies

Hello everyone,

We are an 8-men static looking for a Support main, and two DPS main (preferably crit synergy classes)

Mains are gonna do all Gates of the Brelshaza raid on week 1, so you’ll need to be ready (we won’t go blind).

We want players to prog brel, but also to do as much of our weekly content together.

We use voicechat, and speak English.

Raid times :

We usually raid Wednesday/Thursdays around 8:30-9 pm server time.

For Brel prog, we will have a more intensive schedule (including weekends)

If you’re interested, ping me on discord (Blu3apple#4795) so we can have a little chat :wink: