EUC - Neria - Bulldogs Unleased lvl 16 (ENG/DUTCH) for Brelshaza 3+OPEN SPOTS for static

Guild Name: Bulldogs Unleashed Guild Lvl: 16 Guild Shop Lvl: 5
Server: EU Central - Neria
(she is soo beautiful for more info
Language : English (International)

About us: We need more for oure static BREL DPS

• Activity!
• Daily guild donation (log in/donate/guild weeklys)
• 1490+ DPS
• Working mic
• Be part of the static

What we offer:
• Weekly Raids (starting at 21:00 CET)
• Alt Argos runs
• Random stuff
• Siege runs (coming soon)

If you’d like to join send me a message on discord or try to catch me ingame (Greenbeard) Bulldogs Unleashed (bewerkt)

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Still need 3 dps 1415+ for main Group :grinning: so hit me up

Can I join IGN:Anchor Surge
Berserker: Ilvl 1430

join our discord happy to have you