[EUC-Neria] Haven LVL8 PVX guild

Who are we
Haven is a English speaking guild made up of players from all across europe, We focus on both pve and pvp/gvg content.
We are a friendly community of players who are always doing activitys together, chating on discord/ingame, sharing resources/items and tips about the game.
We have a mix of vets and new players to the game so everyone has a space where they can fit in without feeling left out. Our players also play across all hours of the day so if your an early bird or a night owl you wont find yourself on your own.

We are a level 8 guild with access to the level 4 shop soon.

What we require of you
We require you to join our discord server and would prefer if your active there.
We require you to actively participate in guild donations and research daily.
We require you to be available for our main raid day which is currently Friday 9pm CET and optional Saturday 8pm CET for alt raids / fun stuff when not progressing.

We would like it if you were active in the chat and contribute to the guild atmosphere as this is important to us as having fun is just as important as getting new loot and progressing.

We require you to have at least 1370 gear score currently, we do not force/ expect you to spend money on the game ftp is as welcome as gigawhale.

We are currently looking for a few people for our main raid teams and also some semi casual raiders who can fill in when people are not able to raid and to also be active in normal daily stuff and in chat.

if you wish to apply please search for us and apply in game and or contact Balgus via whisper or on discord Balgus#4819 for more information/ to give information before applying.

i hope to see you in game.