Euc people quick questiom

If i was to reroll to uc id want to play 6 of same class to be gold efficient. Id want the class to be strong.

What strong classes have cheap leg engraving books on euc atm im thinking reflux sorc then switch to igniter. Or maybe shock scrapper.

But due to needing to go and so horizontal content id want ranged / fast classes

Scouter/Sniper maybe?

I dont play arcana/summoner so i have no clue about these classes.

Or if u wana be DPS and everyone gona take u anyways maybe Gunlancer but its not a range :s

Cheapest are probably Both Soulfist, Both Deadeye’s, Esoteric Striker, AS Scouter and Emperor’s Arcanist.

Gems are basically same prices for everyone, since people were buying other’s classes gems cheaper and just rerolling them.

You can play Demonic SH with just 2 gems that will save you tons of gold.
Books are 6k each tho.
Reflux is 2,5k at this moment and Shock scrapper 2,1k.

Why is it matter the price? You will have 6 of the same class.
You want to play a class because its cheap or you want to play a class because you like it?

  • EO Soulfist is super cheap and really strong but hard to master.
  • Emperor’s Arcanist also cheap and strong but hard to master.
  • Demonic SH if you like boring classes. They say its cheap class because you need 2 gem but the accessories are pretty expensive.
  • Tai Scrapper is also a strong choice.

Thanks for info. Suprised emperor arcanist is cheap. Dont really want to play scouter.

I want classes i like but dont want to spend a lot of money since i swiped on euw.

So i want engraving books i can buy all 20 for less thab 100k.

Dont want soulfist. Or shadowhunter. Doesnt need to be ranged really. Just figured that would be better for groups and horizontal content

Well, for sure not one of newest classes since they are expensive af
So from what you said, Reflux will be pretty cheap, but that Shock Scrapper is not looking bad as well.

taij scrapper

Can you give me the current price of these books

  1. Shock scrapper
  2. Reflux
  3. Peacemaker
  4. Time to hunt
  5. Ignighter

Closed the game for today, sorry.
But from what i remember
Reflux 2.5k
Time to hunt around 500g
Igniter ~6k

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