EUC player my honest opinion on the transfer and the state of things

Last night Thirain was broken, nothing was working, and I literally mean NOTHING!
I logged off hoping to have a not so long queue to wait, but my hope vanished fast, the server was FULL and soon after the region went closed down. Few minutes after, maintenance was announced and I was ready to go to bed, when usually I might have played for a couple more hours. So I decided to go and try to make a new char on EUW and see what’s the stuff around there.
I’m going to give my honest opinion on the matter. Below you can see the number of hours I input on this game, 145 hours are a lot for me!
After creating my first char on EU West, I experienced a lot of rubber-banding, quite strange because I never had this issue on EUC? Are the servers too far from Central Europe?
So, I started leveling, and I felt disheartened, a bit like an intruder in a stranger’s home, also felt like betraying my main? Sounds stupid, I know but I can’t even explain the feeling, LOL!
So the grind:

  • Farming mokoko seeds again;
  • Farming hidden quests again;
  • Running through the leveling content again for the 3rd time;
  • Gathering, upgrading gathering again;
  • Upgrading stronghold again:
  • Searching for a guild:
  • Looking for friends in between strangers;
  • Farming for T1 mats again;
    The list can go on and on…

I could do all that, but the incentive to do it is not there, the founder pack I bought has gotten diminished, and while I get some of the items, they are nowhere near enough to motivate me to move from EU Central and abandon my main there. Feeling disheartening and like a tragic nightmare in a loop to be perfectly honest.
Give me a full server transfer with roster and everything, and then I won’t even think twice.

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EU West seems to be located in Ireland, where EU Central seems to be in Germany somewhere. So that could explain why you would have a bit higher latency towards the new region, contrary to EU Central.

But it should not really be that much more, 10-30 MS extra maybe.

The fact of the matter is, and yes… it sucks, you are per now the only one that can decide if the move is worth it or not for you. The character transfer/roster transfer is not happening, at least not for quite some time. Even less so for between regions. It could happen one month from now, it could be six months from now or it could be never.

So your choice comes down to the same as it did for me, in the same situation:

1: Do I quit, and take the loss?
2: Do I keep getting frustrated with the queue? And the matchmaking issues?
3: Do I reroll on EU West, so I can play with my friends and actually play without queing every day, taking the loss of any crystals spent, any new skins or packs bougt outside of the “original” platinum content that I got back to a certain degree.

I ended up with the third option, because I enjoy the game too much. I was pleasantly surprised with the login rewards as well, as the very first one I got I think was like 500k credits, so at least silver would not be an issue for a while. Am I happy about how the launch and all of this has been handled by Amazon and Smilegate? No, not in the slighest… But sadly the game hits my gaming-OCD spots, so option 1 was not really something I was willing to do. Will it temper my spending habits for this game? Hell yes.

But, again. You have a choice to make here. No one else can make it for you.

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