[EUC] [Procyon] War Boys is looking for chill grownups (EN)

Me and my friend have created a guild to enjoy all the benefits of being in one and are looking for more people to play with. We are both in UK and are both into our 40s (just) and would love to find likeminded people who are also playing the game on a more or less regular basis. Whether you’re single or have kids or only have an hour each day to play - everyone’s welcome.

We’re not rushing to the endgame so if you’re looking for a sweatshop then this ain’t one. We are all about playing when you want and how you want with the goal of teaming up for daily chaos dungeons or guardian raids when possible. Those who are brave enough can join us in weekly abyssal dungeons and when that’s all done and dusted we’d love you to contribute to the growth of the guild by completing the weekly requsitions.

Your level doesn’t matter. We all started somewhere. We’re both around 500 but hopefully that won’t last long.

There is no Discord server as there aren’t many people but if the guild grows we will definitely set one up.

It’s free to join without any approvals so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in search for “War Boys” in the guild list. Alternatively contact me here and I’ll send you an invite.