Euc server is so nice

The EUC servers are great. Why do bus drivers keep dying? 30 minutes is enough to clear valtan Hard. However, the raid party recruitment and direct time are annoying, so I pay the cost and board the bus. But most bus drivers continue to die. So it takes at least 1 hour. This is a great European server. best server.

this made my day. heh

consider buying from reputable drivers.
there are people out there with 300+ busses sold already.

its no different from a kebab join, when I go out at night there is 15 of them open at the same time, most of them are worse then starving.

If you don’t like the busses get yourself a car and carry yourself by doing 4x3 or 5x3 engraves. There your problem solved.

Dude did you buy a bus when those driver did not pass their driver licence ? A bus without wheel.

Hello disssssse, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “General Discussion” section to the English one.

keep dying beggars asking NO BID on book !

Imagine not joining experienced roster runs where if you die to a mechanic you’ll get carried 19/20 times anyways to the end

already done the settings. But euc level is below average, so euc fail too many times. So I buy a bus. But the buses are also below average.

-Charges abnormal high prices
-No bid on book clown
-Takes payment upfront
-Wipes for an hour

That really happens a lot in EUC tbh. Have to agree with the OP. I try to preoritize EUC discord drivers but when it is 1200g vs. 2000g i just go for whoever is cheaper really.

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