EUC servers always last up after maintenance

Again we see a 1 hour delay when rest of the western servers are up. We haven’t received any compensation in the past when NA gets something for lesser problems. Time to compensate us EUC players.

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You can create a free roster on EUW. No need to wait! :slight_smile:

Bonus: Less bots and less RMT’lers

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As I recall this is a first time the maintenanve is extended in EUC. So where does the “always” come from.

Also… crybaby much?

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I always take a sick day from work on reset days and this happens 80% of the time. We never receive compensation from it and I’m amazed people aren’t complaining about it.

I have a scenario for you.

Your car needs an oil change. For.the argumemt’s sake all of the repairs in this scenario are free of charge.

You get the car to your mechanic and he tells you it will be ready at 12.

You arrive at 12 and the car maintenance will take another hour because the mechanic found an issue unrelated to the oil change. This repair is also free.

Now, do you expect.the mechanic to compensate you?

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Your scenario doesn’t match ours. I could have a different car without additional problems in your scenario.

You have - NAE, NAW, EUW and SA. :wink:

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Actually it does. Same as you can get another car for a time yours gettimg work on. You can play another game. Sooo

Im amazed ur keeping ur job if u call in sick the same day every week.

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That’s what I thought too.

Imagine how stressful your life must be if you’re suffering from so much FOMO that:

  • you take a sick day for every maintenance day
  • cry about severs taking a bit longer and asking for compensation (Karen, is it you?)

Especially asking for compensations is so ridiculous for a f2p game which nowhere says that an uptime of a high availability system like CNI/CIP systems. This is just a game with no monthly fee and so on.

And I also don’t think this “80% of the time EUC is late” is true. Because I often looked at the maintenance and when servers got back up. Sometimes one or two NAE servers got late, sometimes an EUC server, sometimes a EUW server and so on.

This is just confirmation bias.