EUC slen server lag spikes

hi i’d like to know if Slen server in EUC is having connectivity issues, i’ve played for about two months with 31/40 ping but since the update (yesterday) i get “lag spikes” where ms goes to 250/500 or even more for 10/30 mins then goes back to the usual 31, i’ve checked my internet connection/firewall antivirus settings since noone else posted about this on the forum but those don’t seem to be the issue.
EDIT double checked my firewall settings and there was a program called lost ark logger in the list that wasn’t one of the allowed apps, i allowed it and ran some chaos dungeons and had no ping spikes during them, i’ll update this post again tomorrow after dailies to let you know if this fixed it for me
EDIT did my dailies and the problem persists, they did announce a mantainance in EUC so hopefully that solves it

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I noticed it too.

Yesterday during the G3 of the clown raid I had the ping at 250ms with spikes at 750/1100ms.

I did the ping test and saw the ping on discord and even though in game the ping was high, on discord and in the ping test it was around 20/30ms.

The weird thing is that the ping went up to 250ms as soon as I entered the raid.

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Hello @kilianmatteo and @Luca94,

Hope you all are doing well.

I apologies for the inconvenience caused to both of you.

Since @kilianmatteo you’ve already tried all the possible troubleshooting and the issue still persists, then I’d request you to kindly visit the link mentioned below and submit a web-ticket for our developers to check :arrow_double_down:

Whereas @Luca94 I’d suggest you to kindly check the link down below and try the troubleshooting steps mentioned:

In case the issue still persists then please go ahead and submit a web-ticket by following the link mentioned above.

I hope this helps. :magic_wand:

I’ll wait a while hoping it will fix itself out before submitting the ticket, as it started with this week’s update.

The strange thing seems that the ping only goes up in certain server instances, like this:

Vern Port 31ms:
Stronghold 188ms:

I’ve done this test several times just now.

In this case the ping is high in the Stronghold and goes down when I get back to the port of Vern.

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I have same problem, always haved 30-40 ms ping, now in every dungeon/chaos having min 180ms-250ms with spike above 600ms, almost unplayable. Neria Server

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I did some tests, moving between the channel at the port of vern.

Sometimes the ping is high and sometimes not … The thing is totally random

For example:

  • Channel 3 High Ping > Moving to 10, low ping > Moving to 3 High Ping > Moving to 10 High ping > Moving to 3 Low ping
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We experienced the same lag spikes on Thiran, some of us (but not everyone) were getting 500+ ms that messed up our good pulls on the Clown


as others mentioned i also mostly get this during “instances” like guardian raids, legion raids and chaos dungeon idk what causes this but sometimes i’ll have 250 ping throughout the raid sometimes it fixes itself mid raid, guess i’ll contact support but i don’t see how they could help tbh