EUC Static LF 1 Supp + 1 DPS for Vykas HM + beyond incl Hell Modes

Looking for 1 support player and 1 DPS to join us who is of a similar mindset. We are looking for someone interested in reclearing Valtan HM, progging Vykas HM and future legion raids including their Inferno/Hell modes.

We clear raids without Ester/Sidereal skills to get into the mindset needed to clear future hard/inferno content. (However for this weeks valtan we will likely just use Thirain to get as much time in Vykas as possible)

We have players who’ve cleared Valtan Hard since week 1. Your mentality matters more than your skill. If you’re willing to put the effort and practice, you’re more than welcome to join.

Our plan is to do ALL content including all Inferno modes.

Requirements - 1460+
We’re starting tomorrow from 17:00 server time.
If you’re interested send a message or add Rome#5773 on discord